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Welcome to Vinylshippers.com also herein known as our “Website” or “Company” for most if not all vinyl needs. We (Vinylshippers.com) welcome you also known as the user to read over our “Terms of Conditions” and in doing so agreeing to said Terms.

Let us (Vinylshippers.com) first off say thank you the user for choosing us as your vinyl providers. We are a proud American based company operating out of Virginia. Vinylshipper.com, our website, is owned and operated by PSS, LLC. We try our best to do what we can for our customers. In doing so, we now welcome you to use and access our site. By accessing or using Vinylshippers.com, you agree to accept our Terms and Conditions. If you do not agree to our terms or conditions, we implore you to kindly and swiftly exit and stop using our site. If you want to further explore our site of Vinylshippers.com, you, the user, will be responsible and liable for any or all damages that may or may not happen while frequenting our site. (NOTE: THIS IS FOR BOTH THE USER’S AND WEBSITE’S PROTECTION)

Warranty Disclaimer (Liability clause etc.)
As previously stated, you the user enters into an obligational agreement with our site. We also are known as Vinylshippers.com want your business, but you the user must realize that our products and content may differ at various times regarding seasonal changes etc. from our distributors. We pride ourselves on maintaining a cohesive and fluent site. In these regards, mistakes are inevitable due to many varying factors such as rude competitors all the way up to internet fail-safes. The factors mentioned are merely examples and may or may not ever occur for anyone. You as a customer will be treated with respect, but you as a customer cannot hold us liable for any errors relating to all content pertaining to Vinylshippers.com. Our site may at times have incorrect content that users may see or experience. We are not liable for any distress or damages incurred while you the user are on our site. Any of our affiliates fall under the same protection as previously mentioned. Due to different governing laws state to state, all restrictions may or may not relate to individual participants(users).
The laws of Virginia shall oversee any complaints or disagreements pertaining to our terms of conditions. Virginia is a commonwealth state with possible different laws and regulations. These laws must be independently researched with regards to user’s own judiciary location or state laws. Federal and state laws shall be upheld. If you do not agree with any of the following circumstances and conditions, please kindly leave our site. With regards to our overseas shipping, we proudly ship to our customers in Canada and Puerto Rico. More information available in the shipping policy.
Our disclaimer contains information that you as the user have read and agreed to. We do appreciate our customers. Please realize you the user are who we strive to please. The legal aspect is a very important part of our rules and regulations that we must have and maintain our ever-evolving site. We do also exercise the right to disband or exclude you from our site without or with provocation at any point without explanation. This is known as our user’s Termination Clause.

Subscribing to Our Mailing List
Any of our users can subscribe to our email news and update reports. We can be contacted by email at sales@vinylshippers.com. We also do not outsource any emails to third-party companies. You also do not have to subscribe to any of our content. It is at user’s discretion.

Clearance Items, Sales, Coupon Incentives
Sales are final for items sold on clearance or bought while on one of our super saving sales. We also sale irregular pieces that may have a flaw or defect. These pieces are usually referred to as “scrap”. If the price is uncharacteristically cost-effective, please realize you are probably buying a clearance item. You can search word clearance to see what is currently on clearance.
We are always trying to pass the savings on to our customers. With such promotions, our sales are geared toward saving the user money and possibly having them as repeat customers. With all the savings, we have all sales final policy on these sales items as previously stated above.
We do provide coupon incentives for any of our users. These coupons cannot be used in correlation with any clearance or sales items unless specified otherwise. We reserved the right to stop or devoid coupons incentives without notice.


Super Sales: You agree that ANY order placed during one of our Super Sales (an example of some of our dates you can expect Super Sales – New Years, Valentines Day, Easter, Fourth Of July, Black-Friday, Christmas)  can be held up for an undetermined amount of time due to the volume of orders received.  We process and fill orders in the way that they are received. If you do not agree with this part of the terms and conditions please do not order during one of these sales. Again if you need vinyl to complete orders that you are working on now please place an order from our non-sale items.

User Agreement: User will receive his/her order and tracking information which should show confirmation of delivery or shipping. If there are any problems with your order, user agrees to notify us within 72 hours, or we consider your order went out without dilemma. Facebook message us at Vinylshippers.com or email us at sales@vinylshippers.com. If for any reason you cannot access us or not hear a response within 48 hours, you may reach us at 1-877-WECRAFT (1-877-922-7238).
Website Agreement: Vinylshippers.com do appreciate our customers but do reserve the right to decline sales and issue a refund to the user for any reason. Thus, although the user may have a proof (electronic or otherwise) of an order placed, that does not necessarily mean we have accepted or denied the order.
Additional Conditions: These circumstances surpass any obligations of terms that might be contained within any order that is purchased. We reserve all allowances to make any alterations, variations, and even modifications to our site and Conditions or Terms at any moment. By the continuation of our site’s services, any user agrees (whether they know of the alterations, variations, and modifications) to the changes made.
Taxation on Purchases: The Commonwealth of Virginia requires a sales tax. We (the site) will charge and take said sales tax automatically on purchases (orders) made within our commonwealth state. Orders which are shipped out of state makes the user responsible for any additional taxes incurred during a transaction. Canadian Orders with any special import/border tax also are the sole responsibility of the user.
Shipping and Returns: To view this policy, please click here.
User Access and Registration: The user is the only person accountable for keeping the secrecy of his/her passwords and login names for his/her account. The user must also accept all or any costs, happenings, and forfeitures that occur under his/her account. If user thinks he/she has had someone access their account without consent, notify us right away because we will not be liable for any damages/grievances occurring from user’s failure of reporting unapproved account use. User is also responsible for providing both legal and comprehensive information upon the site’s request. Updating any changes is the sole responsibility of the user as well.
Misprinted Info/Keyboarding errors: Mistakes made to any of the site’s pages may occur ranging from misspelled words to incorrect product pricing. In such rare cases, the site keeps the right to decline or reject orders containing such mistakes as price, variety, and availability. Any charges to electronic accounts i.e. credit cards will be reimbursed in the approximate amount if order is canceled by the site. Additional Information is contained within our shipping policies.
Material Size: Due to the different degrees of cutting processes, lengths and widths of vinyl can vary about .25 of an inch.
Refund Policy: Click here.
Affiliates Terms and Conditions: For all information referring to our Affiliate Program, please click here.